The Merida Sessions

London taught me much: what photography can do, what straight, hard-edged lines can do…Back in my studio in Kentucky, I decided to explore curves, waves and organic marks.

Ideas came quickly. Numerous drawings and videos were made. Sheet music contained many finished ideas, ready to be recorded. A recording of a leaking roof in a rain storm created '2 Minutes with Rain'. An idea from London using multiple pianos resulted in '8 Cellos and 2 Pianos'. An orchestra is full of potential in numerous combinations and outcomes.

Going to live in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico was going to be a winter adventure. I brought all of my sheet music and videos with and found a sound engineer to work with, Christian Sanchez. We were able to record most of the pieces I brought from my studio, plus I had the time to create two new works, 'Piano #1' and 'Brass #1'.

Piano #1 (for four hands, two pianos)

December 2nd

8 Cellos and 2 Pianos

2 Minutes With Rain (Mirror)

Brass #1